Wildwood Imperium

Wildwood Imperium

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Author: Meloy, Colin
ISBN: 9780670075171
Publisher: Viking
Year First Published: 2014
Pages: 592
Dimensions: 207mm x 163mm x 37mm
Format: Hardback

A young girl's midnight seance awakens a long-slumbering malevolent spirit . . . A band of runaway orphans ally with an underground collective of saboteurs and plan a daring rescue of their friends, imprisoned in the belly of an industrial wasteland . . . Two old friends draw closer to their goal of bringing together a pair of exiled toymakers in order to reanimate a mechanical boy prince . . . As the fate of Wildwood hangs in the balance. The third book in the Wildwood Chronicles is a rich, moving, and dazzling story, by turns funny and profound. Both Colin Meloy and Carson Ellis are at the height of their gifts with Wildwood Imperium. Praise for the Wildwood Chronicles 'A richly satisfying weave of reality and fantasy.' New York Times Book Review 'Meloy's debut is the kind of delicate, elaborate fantasy that is so well versed in classic Narnian tropes that it is destined to be enthusiastically embraced.' ALA Booklist (starred review) 'Meloy has an immediately recognizable verbal style and creates a fully realized fantasy world. Ellis's illustrations perfectly capture the original world and contribute to the feel of an instant timeless classic.' SLJ (starred review) Meloy's storytelling skills, honed on his epic ballads for the Decemberists, translate well to prose. Ellis's precise, detailed style evokes a folksy charm that is just right for the overgrown natural world of Wildwood and its inhabitants.' The Atlantic

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