Walking to the Moon

Walking to the Moon

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Author: Cole-Adams, Kate
ISBN: 9781921520358
Publisher: Text Publishing
Year First Published: 2009
Pages: 250
Dimensions: 199mm x 130mm x 16mm
Format: Paperback / softback

Today I walked. Not just those feeble shuffling steps of recent weeks. Today I walked to the base of the hill and along the rough clay path that circles it. Although we are high here and far from the sea, the path has the appearance of worn sandstone and contains, along with pebbles and inground eucalypt twigs, tiny fragments of shell. There is a world at my feet. A woman wakes from a coma, its cause unknown. She refuses to see her family; she does not say why. She recovers slowly, beset by relapses. Despite this she becomes stronger as something, perhaps anger, begins to find expression within her. Now she will walk. Where? Walking to the Moon is Kate Cole-Adams' remarkable, enthralling first novel. It is a piercing exploration of abandonment and loss framed within an irresistibly seductive narrative and it is, without doubt, the start of something special.

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