This Is How

This Is How

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Author: Hyland, M.J.
ISBN: 9781921656484
Publisher: Text Publishing
Year First Published: 2010
Pages: 400
Dimensions: 199mm x 130mm x 26mm
Format: Paperback / softback

When his fiancée breaks off their engagement, Patrick Oxtoby leaves home and moves to a boarding house in a seaside town. But in spite of his hopes and determination to build a better life, nothing goes to plan and Patrick is soon driven to take a desperate and chilling course of action. This is How is a mesmerising and meticulously drawn portrait of a man whose unease in the world leads to his tragic undoing. Written with breathtaking wisdom and an astute insight into the human mind, M.J. Hyland's new book is a masterpiece that inspires horror and sympathy in equal measure.

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