The Wayward Leunig: Cartoons That Wandered Off

The Wayward Leunig: Cartoons That Wandered Off

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Author: Leunig, Michael
ISBN: 9780670078769
Publisher: Viking
Year First Published: 2015
Pages: 408
Dimensions: 248mm x 246mm x 32mm
Format: Hardback

The Wayward Leunig is a superb companion volume to Michael Leunig's The Essential Leunig, with another 400 definitive cartoons spanning five decades. Michael Leunig found the process of selecting just 400 pieces for 2012's Essential Leunig so difficult that he set aside another 400 for a subsequent volume. As with those first 400, the cartoons in The Wayward Leunig- Cartoons That Wandered Off have been selected from five decades of work, and are just as wide-ranging, just as potent, just as hilarious, insightful, relevant, original and beautiful. A companion to volume one in format and extent, this collection is a must-have for Leunig fans.

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