The Uncyclopedia

The Uncyclopedia

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Author: Haigh, Gideon
ISBN: 9781877008870
Publisher: Text Publishing
Year First Published: 2003
Pages: 154
Dimensions: 205mm x 135mm x 18mm
Format: Hardback

Neither trivial nor essential, yet always illuminating, it is antipathetic to a world of relevance. Away with dull care, farewell to vocational learning, viva epistemophilia! The Uncyclopedia is the reference book referred to purely for the purposes of delight. Highly acclaimed sports writer Gideon Haigh has turned his talents to compiling a most extraordinary book of miscellaneous fact. Now, at last in one convenient volume you can find- lists of Norse gods, phobias, poets laureate, suicide notes of the famous and all anyone needs to know about Pi. Learn how to say toast in ten languages, twenty Latin mottoes, how to flirt in Turkish, and how to dump someone in Japanese. The Uncyclopedia is the only place you'll find a list of all the men to walk on the moon, the names of all animals ever sent into space and how to signal in morse code. Defiantly idiosyncratic, The Uncyclopediais a compendium of illuminating knowledge and a delight for all inquisitive readers.

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