The Monsoon Bride

The Monsoon Bride

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Author: Aung Thin, Michelle
ISBN: 9781921758638
Publisher: Text Publishing
Year First Published: 2011
Pages: 256
Dimensions: 234mm x 154mm x 19mm
Format: Paperback / softback

Rangoon has always loomed large in my imagination. I was born there, the only one of my siblings born outside of Canada, and throughout my childhood, heard stories about Rangoon. These included the retrospective gossip of my parents and grandmother, stories of my babyhood and of my parent's youth (golf club trophies, tennis parties, dances, food, the type of snacks they ate, midnight feasts at boarding school, tiger hunts, clothes the tailor would make, private railway carriages, things the servants would do, snakes, crickets etc). Many of the stories described a kind of luxurious, colonial lifestyle. But there were much darker stories too. Some of these were about the terrible upheaval of the Second World war, some about the subsequent civil struggles and some, scandalous. These last ones were for adult ears only and told in whispers but of course, I was a great eavesdropper.For me, Rangoon was always a place where my imagination could run riot, a kind of parallel to my everyday world in Canada. In my mind, it was a city where any and everything was possible and perhaps most important of all, Rangoon belonged to me. So, although the book may seem highly fictionalised because it is set in the past, it is also very personal.' Michelle Aung Thin

Winsome is just married and filled with anticipation. Her new husband is a stranger - one of the suitors chosen for her and the other mixed-race girls from the men who apply to the orphanage. But as the night train rattles towards her new home she sees possibility in this uncertain destiny. She knows she is headed for a new life in the metropolis.She does not know about Rangoon, this city cradled in the arms of rivers. That it is about to be torn apart in the struggle between its ancient owners and new masters. That it will seduce her, possess her senses and change utterly her notion of what kind of woman she can be.When she meets Jonathan - when the monsoon comes - she begins to find out.

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