The Man from Primrose Lane

The Man from Primrose Lane

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Author: Renner, James
ISBN: 9781921758942
Publisher: Text Publishing
Year First Published: 2012
Pages: 400
Dimensions: 234mm x 155mm x 29mm
Format: Paperback / softback

Four years after his wife's unexplained suicide, true crime writer David Neff is still shattered, still disengaged from life. Then a friend tries to interest him in the unsolved murder of a local recluse, and eventually David finds himself being drawn into the mystery. Who was the old man? Why was he always seen, summer and winter, wearing mittens? Why does the physical evidence make no sense? And where do the recurring redheads fit in? The closer David gets to uncovering the true identity of the Man from Primrose Lane, the more he begins to understand the power of his own obsessions, and how they may be connected to the deaths of both the old hermit and David's beloved wife. And then things start to get strange. Beautifully written and magnificently resistant to categorisation, The Man from Primrose Lane is a novel of soaring imagination. It's a nail-biting thriller, a story of bone-deep love and redemption, and a meditation on the nature of destiny. Not only will it leave you astonished and exhilarated - it may well become the most talked-about novel of the year.

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