The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams

The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams

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Author: Wallace, Ian
ISBN: 9780091954604
Year First Published: 2014
Pages: 576
Dimensions: 215mm x 155mm x 42mm
Format: Paperback / softback

A comprehensive and accessible guide to over 12,000 dream symbols and their meanings.

If you've ever woken up thinking 'What was that about?' this fascinating dream dictionary with over 12,000 definitions will explain everything and help you become your own dream expert.

Written by highly respected Dream Psychologist Ian Wallace, this comprehensive guide will help you interpret the imagery you see in your dreams and analyse the hidden meaning and messages within them. By exploring your dreams in this way, you'll reach a deeper understanding of what you really want in life - and work out how to achieve it. Whether you dream about flying above canyons, your teeth dropping out, missing the bus or standing naked in a crowded room, Ian will help you understand what your unconscious is trying to tell you and how you can use your dreams to help you live a rich and fulfilled life. After all, dream is just a dream until you put it into action...

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