Still the Two

Still the Two

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Author: Clarke, John
ISBN: 9781875847525
Publisher: Text Publishing
Year First Published: 1997
Pages: 200
Dimensions: 234mm x 154mm x 12mm
Format: Paperback / softback

Mr Howard thanks for joining us. It's a pleasure. Have you calmed down yet I'm getting used to it a bit now, yes. It must just have been the biggest buzz. Did you ever think you'd win an Oscar? No I didn't, although it was a dream role. Why was it such a perfect role for you? Well I think it was the magic of the guy; little guy; typical for his time, confused, slightly peculiar. How is he confused? He's supposed to be a leader and he doesn't do any leading. He has a kind of psychological crisis. He can't decide what to do. Who is he supposed to leading? Well at one stage he's got himself into the position where he's running an entire country. Oh dear. And he doesn't know what he's doing? No idea. So what does he do? Well you'll have to see the film.

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