Sandy Feet

Sandy Feet

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Author: Buick, Nikki
ISBN: 9780702253157
Publisher: University of Queensland Press
Year First Published: 2014
Pages: 264
Dimensions: 201mm x 128mm x 20mm
Format: Paperback / softback

Life was not meant to be easy. It was meant to be a treacherous obstacle course, a cruel gauntlet, and right then I was in the thick of it. Hunter is stuck in a car with his family as they travel up the Queensland coast. It is a trip that his mum thinks will bring the family closer together, especially now that his stepdad and baby brother are part of the mix. But with tension and secrets sizzling beneath the happy family facade, the road trip soon becomes Hunter's worst nightmare. The further away from home he gets the more he can't shake thoughts of the accident that took his dad away from them. Forced out of his comfort zone, Hunter tries to embrace life on the road. Between campsites he parties with friendly backpackers on the beach, has one too many close encounters with wild animals and finally meets a girl who actually understands how he feels. But is it enough to help him deal with the real reason his family set off on their journey in t \he frist place? 'A road trip of healing and discovery, and one that I highly recommend you take.' Michael Gerard Bauer

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