Now or Never

Now or Never

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Author: Flannery, Tim
ISBN: 9781863954297
Publisher: Black Inc
Year First Published: 2009
Pages: 192
Dimensions: 199mm x 130mm x 16mm
Format: Paperback / softback

Now or Never is an essential book about the most urgent issue of our time- climate change.

In it, Tim Flannery begins by discussing the idea of sustainability and asks whether humanity can rise to this challenge. He brings to life the latest climate science and its implications. And he discusses in fascinating detail three potential climate-change solutions, with special reference to Australia.

Brilliant and terrifying, Now or Never is a call to arms by Australia's leading thinker and writer on the natural world.

This edition includes nine responses to Now or Never by leading figures, and Flannery's reply. Writers include Peter Cosier, Richard Branson, David Foster, Ian Lowe, Barrie Pittock and Gwynne Dyer.

'With scientific gravitas, complemented by the skilful use of layman's language, Tim Flannery paints a serious picture of the planet's future.'

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