Gathering Darkness: Falling Kingdoms (Book 3)

Gathering Darkness: Falling Kingdoms (Book 3)

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Author: Rhodes, Morgan
ISBN: 9781595147059
Publisher: Razorbill
Year First Published: 2015
Pages: 430
Dimensions: 237mm x 156mm x 35mm
Format: Hardback

The seeds of revolution have been sown . . . but in Mytica the lust for power reigns supreme.

Darkness has fallen upon Mytica, and the Golden Princess will be a prisoner no longer.
Cleo's forced marriage to Prince Magnus ended in the gruesome decimation of Jonas's rebel army. Now, she vows to take control of her own destiny - even if it means being as cunning and deceitful as greedy King Gaius, who stole her father's throne.
Princess Lucia's powers are growing stronger by the day and, much to Gaius's delight, the magic of the Kindred feels closer than ever. Out of nowhere, Alexius, a handsome stranger from Lucia's dreams, arrives at the palace, promising that he knows the secret to unlocking the sorceress's full potential. Gaius is convinced that Alexius holds the key to unlocking the godlike force of the ancient elements. But Magnus doesn't trust this intruder for a minute. In times as dark as these, he of all people knows not to trust even the most angelic of faces.
But the King of Blood is not the only one in pursuit of total domination. Two beautiful and cunning royals from across the Silver Sea have come to Mytica with a plan to take in much more than the local culture. The race is on to uncover the Kindred. Whoever wins will control the fate of Mytica...but fate can be fickle when magic is involved.

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