Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes Against Humanity

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Author: Robertson, Geoffrey
ISBN: 9780141974835
Publisher: Penguin Press
Year First Published: 2012
Pages: 1008
Dimensions: 198mm x 128mm x 45mm
Format: Paperback / softback

A freshly updated version of the book on human rights the Observer says 'millions will be reading in the century to come'

In this fresh edition of the book that has inspired the global justice movement, Geoffrey Robertson QC explains why we must hold political and military leaders accountable for genocide, torture and mass murder - the crimes against humanity that have disfigured the world. He shows how human rights standards can be enforced against cruel governments, armies and multi-national corporations. This seminal work now contains a critical perspective on recent events, such as the Obama administration's use of drone warfare, the Charles Taylor conviction, the trials of Mladic, Karadzic and Khalid Sheik Mohammed and the "Mullahs without Mercy" soon with nuclear arms.

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