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Author: Kilcullen, David
ISBN: 9781921640346
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Year First Published: 2010
Pages: 268
Dimensions: 209mm x 136mm x 20mm
Format: Paperback / softback

David Kilcullen is one of the world's most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare. A senior advisor to General David Petraeus in Iraq, his vision of war powerfully influenced America's decision to rethink its military strategy in Iraq and implement 'the Surge', now recognised as a dramatic success.

In Counterinsurgency, Kilcullen brings together his most salient writings on this key topic. At the heart of the book is his legendary 'Twenty-Eight Articles', in which he shows company leaders how to practise counterinsurgency in the real world, 'at night, with the GPS down, the media criticizing you, the locals complaining in a language you don't understand, and an unseen enemy killing your people by ones and twos'. Reading this piece is like reading a modern-day Sun Tzu - in such pithy adages as 'Rank is nothing- talent is everything' or 'Train the squad leaders - then trust them', Kilcullen offers advice that any leader would be wise to consider. The other pieces in this book include Kilcullen's pioneering study of counterinsurgency in Indonesia, his ten-point plan for 'the Surge' in Iraq, and his frank look at the problems in Afghanistan. He concludes with a new strategic approach to the 'War on Terror', arguing that counterinsurgency rather than traditional counterterrorism may offer the best approach to defeating global jihad.

Counterinsurgency is a picture of modern warfare by someone who has had his boots on the ground in some of today's worst trouble spots - including Iraq and Afghanistan - and who has been studying the topic since 1995. Filled with down-to-earth, common-sense insights, this book is indispensable for all those who are interested in making sense of our world in an age of terror.

While the media's contribution is generally fair and informative, a more informed understanding of the issues and challenges of counterinsurgency would clearly benefit any discussion on Australia's involvement. David Kilcullen's well-written, easy to read and informative 'primer' on counterinsurgency hits the mark perfectly.'
-Flight Lieutenant Travis Hallen, RAAF, Australian Defence Force Journal

'Counterinsurgency is a valuable contribution to understanding the local, regional and global natures of the terrorist and guerrilla warfare threats confronting us and how tailored and customised approaches are required to resolve them in a comprehensive fashion.'
-Washington Times

'This book gives the reader much more than a better understanding of the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. It encapsulates numerous particularly relevant insights into the tactical, operational, and strategic challenges of counterinsurgency; plus it offers the most succinct overview of how to wage a global counterinsurgency anywhere.' --Army History

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