Moose's Book Bus

Moose's Book Bus

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Author: Moore, Inga
ISBN: 9781406385694
Publisher: Walker Books Australia
Year First Published: 2021
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 296mm x 255mm x
Format: Hardback

An homage to storytime, libraries and books by Inga Moore, one of the most acclaimed children’s book makers working today.

Moose is the most fantastic storyteller. Every night, he sits with his family around the fire and tells an enchanting story. But, one evening, Moose can’t think of a single tale he hasn’t told before! What he needs is a book of stories. What he needs is a library… With help from his family and friends in the woods, Moose recycles an abandoned bus from the junkyard into a book bus for his entire community to enjoy.

In this heart-warming companion title to A House in the Woods, beloved picture book maker Inga Moore tells a story that celebrates the joy of reading aloud and sharing stories, and the power that libraries have to bring communities together.

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