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What's Weird On Earth



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Author: DK
ISBN: 9780241317624
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Year First Published: 2018
Pages: 160
Dimensions: 307mm x 259mm x 16mm
Format: Hardback

Fact-hungry kids will love poring over these warped world maps full of unique and weird data. See how many lightning strikes hit parts of our planet, the wind patterns of the whole world, and even how the world map would look if global warming melted the ice caps!

Covering everything from Pangea to the world’s weirdest natural wonders, this is Earth in all its strange glory. What’s Weird on Earth is an entirely new atlas adventure, with maps of UFO sightings, popular foods, every country resized according to population density, and their popularity as holiday destinations. Kids can spot the strangest features on every corner of Earth; from ancient patterns carved in the desert sand to the 29,000 bath toys that sailed the world’s ocean currents after a shipwreck.

Travel back in time to discover maps from previous centuries or turn the globe upside down – literally. Planet Earth will never seem the same again!