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The Rise Of The Roman Empire



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Author: Polybius
ISBN: 9780140443622
Publisher: Penguin UK
Year First Published: 2002
Pages: 576
Dimensions: 197mm x 129mm x 23mm
Format: Paperback / softback

The Greek statesman Polybius (c.200-118 BC) wrote his account of the relentless growth of the Roman Empire in order to help his fellow countrymen understand how their world came to be dominated by Rome. Opening with the Punic War in 264 BC, he vividly records the critical stages of Roman expansion- its campaigns throughout the Mediterranean, the temporary setbacks inflicted by Hannibal and the final destruction of Carthage. An active participant of the politics of his time as well as a friend of many prominent Roman citizens, Polybius drew on many eyewitness accounts in writing this cornerstone work of history.