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The Penguin History of Modern Vietnam



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Author: Goscha, Christopher
ISBN: 9780141047010
Publisher: Penguin UK
Year First Published: 2017
Pages: 672
Dimensions: 195mm x 127mm x 32mm
Format: Paperback / softback

As more and more visitors come to Vietnam, there has been for some years a need for a major history – a book which allows the outsider to understand the many layers left by earlier emperors, rebels, priests and colonizers. Christopher Goscha’s new work amply fills this role. Drawing on a lifetime of thinking about Indo-China, he has created a narrative which is consistently seen from ‘inside’ Vietnam but never loses sight of the connections to the ‘outside’. As wave after wave of invaders – whether Chinese, French, Japanese or American – have been ultimately expelled, we see the terrible cost to the Vietnamese themselves.

Christopher Goscha draws on the latest research and discoveries in Vietnamese, French and English. His book is a major achievement, describing both the grand narrative of Vietnam’s story but also the byways, curiosities, differences, cultures and peoples that have done so much over the centuries to define the many versions of Vietnam.