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The Last Four Things



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Author: Hoffman, Paul
ISBN: 9780141042398
Publisher: Penguin UK
Year First Published: 2012
Pages: 544
Dimensions: 198mm x 131mm x 37mm
Format: Paperback / softback

‘You’re the right colour for the Angel of Death, Mister Cale. But a little short.’ ‘I could cut your head off and stand on it. Then I’d be taller.’ Return to the Sanctuary of the Redeemers. A place of pain, cruelty and terrible, dark devotion. Thomas Cale – the Left Hand of God, the Angel of Death – is put in charge of an army and groomed to bring about the end of the world. But might not Cale – killer, strategist, pawn and boy whose nature is far stranger than even the Redeemers can know – have his own reasons for bringing about the Last Four Things? death * judgement * heaven * hell Praise for Paul Hoffman ‘A cult classic.’ Daily Express ‘Brooding and magnificent.’ Eoin Colfer ‘A wonderful book.’ Conn Iggulden