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The Best Ever Baking Book



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Author: Bull, Jane
ISBN: 9780241318164
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley
Year First Published: 2017
Pages: 64
Dimensions: 282mm x 222mm x 12mm
Format: Hardback

Looking for a fun introduction to baking for your little ones? Then turn to Jane Bull’s brilliant children’s baking book. Turn your children into little bakers as they come to know their creaming from their whisking, and their batter from their dough.

The Best Ever Baking Book takes children on a step-by-step baking experience, showing them how to whip up more than 10 baked treats, along with the methods, equipment and terminology used in making them. Children will find out how to make everything from bread and muffins to cakes and cookies. Then they can get creative and messy as they follow tips on how to decorate.

The Best Ever Baking Book is the perfect way to get kids excited about baking.

Age range- 5 – 9