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Ambush Bodyguard (Book 3)



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Author: Bradford, Chris
ISBN: 9780141340074
Publisher: Penguin UK
Year First Published: 2015
Pages: 416
Dimensions: 197mm x 128mm x 25mm
Format: Paperback / softback

In Africa only the strong survive. Teenage martial-arts expert Connor Reeves is tasked with protecting a foreign ambassador’s family on safari. What should have been the perfect assignment turns into the holiday from hell when their convoy is ambushed by gunmen. Fleeing through the bush, Connor and his assigned family become the prey in a shoot-to-kill hunt across the African plains. As they fight for their survival, Connor realizes the gunmen are the least of their problems. For no amount of bodyguard training can prepare him for the wilds of Africa and one prowling hungry leopard . . . Acclaim for the bestselling Bodyguard series- ‘Bone-crunching action adventure.’ Financial Times ‘Bradford has combined Jack Bauer, James Bond and Alex Rider to bring us this action-packed thriller.’ From the author of the Young Samurai series